Here are some pictures from sessions ive done.  If you have any pictures from sessions you have done here send them to me, I often forget to take some pictures.

-George Harris & The Memory Makers, 5th May 2013-

-Meet The Folkers, April 21st 2013-

-Cry Baby Aeroplanes, April 20th 2013-

-Maggie Psycho, April 6th 2013-

-Joey & Katie, March 30th & 31st 2013-

-Effluence March 22, 23 & 24 2013-

-Cactus Knife album Feb 2013 - April 2013-

Day 1 - Recorded the full album live as a demo

Day 1 - Recorded the full album live as a demo

Day 2 - We started off by listening to the drums in the
different rooms to get an idea of the different sounds
available to us.

Day 2 - We decided to use the big room

Day 2 - Drum mics are, BLUE Woodpecker over 
head and a D112 on the kick

 Day 2 - We started putting down proper takes,
we did drums, bass and rhythm guitar live

Day 2 - Rhythm guitar was recorded on a C414

Day 2 - Bass was recorded with an MD421

Day 2 - All recorded live to the Tascam 38.

Day 2 - Cactus Knife make you feel small

Day 2 - The group outputs to tape on the mixer