£135 for an 8 hour day
£45 per song for unattended mixing
£20 per track for mastering* (all songs recorded and mixed by me will get mastered* for free)

Block bookings will get discounts, so get in touch for a quote.

30% of the fee is required in order to make a booking at the recording studio.**  The remaining 70% must be paid by the last day of the recording sessions and can be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

I prefer to mix alone, free from distraction etc.  I am more than happy to send test mixes for you to give me feedback on.  If you feel you really need to come down then this will have to be charged at an hourly rate of £20 an hour (or £135 a day).  So I suggest just booking a few hours when the mixes are almost finished just so you can come and sign them off.

I am now offering package deals, have a look.

** This is non refundable if you cancel the session. This can be delivered to me or done via bank transfer.